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With every new development comes the exciting challenge of creating something functional, timeless and beautiful, and has the potential to be both financially rewarding and greatly satisfying.

Vectors position is unique in the marketplace in that we partner with our clients to offer end to end development management and construction services, so our typically busy clients have the peace of mind and convenience of only ever dealing with one professional contractor.

We offer end to end development management services or once off advisory services across your project.

Our services are outlined below. Please note that some of these services are carried out con-currently and depend on the nature of the development.

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Acquisition Phase
  • Determination of the scale of the development sought by our client based on their financial capacity;
  • Market research into potential development sites;
  • Preliminary feasibility studies of selected sites including financial modelling and an investigation into probable planning outcomes; and
  • Carry out negotiations with vendor/s or vendor representatives to successfully secure site and manage subsequent settlement process.
Planning Phase
  • Selection / appointment / management of professional consultants as required;
  • Prepare design brief based on market research and town planning investigations;
  • Submit planning / development application with relevant local government / council;
  • Attend all council meetings on behalf of the client and make any amendments as required;
  • Achieve the desired planning outcome and issue town planning permit.
Construction Phase
  • Prepare construction drawings including working architectural drawings, specifications and engineering drawings;
  • Carry out construction works to the specified budget and within time parameters;
  • Liaise with architect / designer and building surveyor at relevant stages as required;
  • Receive occupancy permits; and
  • Survey buildings and obtain relevant titles (built strata or green titles);
Sales Phase
  • Select and appoint sales team;
  • Administer sales process, including appropriate allocation of advertising budget and detailed weekly briefs and reports to client;
  • Carry out periodic maintenance of buildings to ensure buildings are presentable at all times;
  • Achieve best sales price;
  • Manage subsequent settlement process.
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Planning Permits

Vector Homes specialises in assisting clients obtain town planning permits for a prospective project. We take a comprehensive approach to ensuring our clients obtain a planning permit that is both within their requirements and budget.

01 - Site Assessment

We review all current zoning laws, any local government/council specific requirements, significant trees, site overlays and any site constraints to determine the potential use of your site.

Following assessment we can then inform you of your design options and begin work on the design.

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02 - Design Brief

We sit down with you, listen and to your desires that will form part of the design brief prior to handing over to our architects to commence drawings. As builders, we are able to inform discussions around cost more effectively so you will end up with a design that you can actually deliver on down the track.

Design Brief
03 - Design and Development

From the design brief, we then begin to bring your design to life through concept drawings and then through to planning drawings which will be used to submit to local council to obtain a permit.

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